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Tender Common Template Details
TenderNo: 1711 Tender Ref. Date: 18-02-2021
Tender Ref. No: ISTRAC/PURC/2020E0222301
Template Desc : CAMC For General Terms
Sr No Description Value
1 CAMC General terms
1. Adequate number of mechanics and supervisors should be engaged, with proper materials, tools/plants for satisfactory operations and execution of the contract .

2. The supply of the materials and implements required for the work connected with the execution of the contract will be the responsibility of the contractor.

3. Incase the contractor fails to carry out the works to the satisfaction of Department and if there is any disruption in the smooth functioning of the activities, Department reserves the right to make alternate arrangements for execution of work at the risk and cost of the contractor.

4. The contractor shall duly comply with all the requirements of the labour laws, viz., minimum wages act, wherever it is applicable, contract labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, Workmen’s Compensation Act, Provident Fund Act and rules made thereunder, Employees State Insurance Act and other acts as applicable from time to time and shall keep Department fully indemnified and harmless against any action or proceedings, costs or claims, loss or any liability arising due to this contract at the instance of the labourer employed by the contractor, or if authorities under the respective acts and against breach of any of the provisions of the above said acts.

5. The contractors are wholly responsible for any accident and compensation payable to the personnel employed by them and working under their control. They should keep department fully indemnified against any claim in this regard.

6. The decision of ISTRAC shall be the final with regard to satisfactory maintenance of the contract and is binding on the contractor.

7. The Department shall be at liberty to recover Income Tax at source as applicable.

8. The contractor shall engage labourers who have completed 18 years of age only and they shall be physically fit and should not be suffering from any communicable diseases. Contractor shall be responsible for covering the risks of labourers and other technical personnel deputed for the servicing work at our premises.

9. The Department reserves the right to ask the contractor to dispense with the services of any labourer who is reported to be of doubtful integrity/unwholesome behaviour.

10. It shall be the sole responsibility of the contractor to settle disputes, if any, arising out of the employment between himself and the labourers engaged by him and the Department will not in any way be responsible in the event the labourers approach the competent authority under the act or the court. The entire expenses in this behalf shall be borne by the contractor.

11. The workmen employed by the contractor in our premises will have to strictly adhere to the discipline of the Department. Wherever necessary you will have to furnish your men with safety appliances and ISTRAC will not be responsible for accidents or injuries caused to your men during the course of work.

12. The contractor or his responsible representatives should be available in the premises to control his workmen and take down instructions from and carry out the servicing to the entire satisfaction of the Department.

13. The contractor shall make his own arrangements for safeguarding his material and the Department will not be responsible for any loss.

14. The contractor should arrange the work in the time stipulated, subject to security checks and restrictions of the Department. Contractor’s workmen should wear the badges assigned to them while working for identification.

15. If any of the personnel of the contractors shall break, deface, injure or destroy any part of the building in which they may be working or any building, road, kerbs, fence, enclosure water pipes, cables, drains, electric or telephone posts or wires, trees, grass or grass land or if any damage shall happen to the work while in progress, the contractor shall make good the same at his own expense or in default the department may cause the same to be made good by other agency at the risk and cost of the contractor.

16. Fall Clause :

The Service charges quoted by you shall in no event exceed the lowest charges at which you service machines of identical description to any other party during the period of this contract. If at any time during the said period you reduce the servicing charges of such machines to any other party, you shall forthwith notify such reduction or service charges applicable to the Purchase Officer, ISTRAC Bangalore and the charges payable under the contract for the servicing done after the date of coming into force of such reduction or servicing charges, shall stand correspondingly reduced.